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The landscape of the 21st century church has changed, and in order to survive, the church has to change the way she connects with the world and leads its members. IntelliChurch is your customized solution to CONNECTING, LEADING, GROWING, and SUSTAINING your church in the 21st century.


In today’s church climate, the attrition rate of the church is startling. Roughly 8,000-10,000 churches close their doors annually, and 1,500 pastors leave their pulpits monthly, never to return. Needless to say, many churches today are suffering from stagnation and a lack of numerical and spiritual growth. At IntelliChurch, we believe that God is coming back for a glorious and victorious church, therefore, we are committed to assisting ministries in maximizing their church growth potential and making a global impact for the Kingdom of God. We accomplish this through offering the following:

Leadership Solutions

Our leadership seminars and leadership development trainings will increase your leadership IQ and skill sets so that you and your church leadership teams can be effective in 21st century ministry.

Church Growth Solutions

Whether you are starting a church from scratch by yourself or you oversee a network of churches, IntelliChurch will provide you with the foundational systems that are necessary for any church to grow in the 21st century landscape of ministry.

Customized Products

We understand that "one size doesn't fit all!" Therefore, we offer customized ministry solutions that cater to your church's specific leadership and church growth needs.

What we can do for YOU

IntelliChurch exists to help pastors, church leaders, and ministry organizations increase their leadership IQ and maximize their effectiveness in 21st century ministry.

Fully Customized Training Solutions

We realize that while every church has the same mission, which is the Great Commission, many churches vary in their leadership and ministry approach to executing their Kingdom assignments. We will provide you with customized leadership trainings that fit your leadership style. We will also provide you with customized church growth trainings that fit your church’s generational and geographical makeup.

Church Optimization SYstems

Regardless of where you are in the world, there are fundamental systems of church growth that every church must employ in order to grow and sustain. We will train you on these critical systems, which we called 6 Pack & a Smoke, and how to optimize your church’s growth through these systems.

Leadership Development Programs

We believe that leaders are not born - they are made! Thus, we will provide you with a turnkey, practical, proven, and effective leadership development training program that will teach the basics of leadership, leadership structure, vision and values, biblical principles of leadership, and more.

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CHURch Growth Solutions

The IntelliChurch church growth systems have proven to help ministries all around the world to grow and sustain their growth.
At IntelliChurch, we offer systems for church planting, church growth, and more!

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IntelliChurch has provided leadership development and church growth systems for over 35 years.
See how others have been impacted by our leadership and church growth trainings and resources.

I have 25 years of experience working in corporate America with top 100 companies. The concepts and insights provided in Leadership 101 are equal and some areas superior to the programs we used in corporate America.
Norman C.
Dr. Carson delivers powerful and eye-opening leadership concepts that empower those who are given the responsibility to lead with the best practices and to be effective in their roles.
Sherman A.

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